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Word 2010 Tips & Shortcuts


Learn features to enable more efficient use of Word.

Prerequisite Skills

Comfortable with basic Word capabilities.

(Suggested courses: Word 2010 Getting Started and Word 2010 Document Formatting, and Word 2010 Document Layout)

Course Description

Are you using the fastest methods to accomplish tasks in Word 2010? Could you use some of Word's advanced features to automate certain tasks? Would you like to learn tips for using Word more effectively and efficiently?

Attend this course if you want to:

  • Insert symbols, special characters, and equations.

  • Hyphenate words that fall near the right margin, for layout purposes.

  • Use AutoCorrect to correct common errors.

  • Create building blocks to store commonly used text or objects.

  • Insert pictures or clip art in a document.

  • Insert screenshots.

  • Insert text boxes.

  • Create a chart in Word.

  • Publish blog posts from Word.

Class Length

90 minutes

Delivery Options

  • Virtual classroom - dedicated (up to ten people from the same organization)
    ($480 per class; contact us for more details)

  • Virtual classroom - one on one
    (Register for a 45-minute 1-on-1 Application Support session. Cost is $70 per student per session.)

  • On-site instructor-led
    (Contact us for details)




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