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Word 2010 Automating Tasks with Macros


Learn to record macros to automate various Word tasks.

Prerequisite Skills

Course Description

Are there certain procedures and tasks you use often when creating Word documents? Do you often insert the same block of text in your documents? Would you like to automate these common tasks to complete them more quickly?

Attend this course if you want to:

  • Learn what a macro is and what kind of procedures you can store in a macro.

  • Open a document that contains macros.

  • Use the macro recorder to record a series of steps into a macro module.

  • Run a macro you have recorded.

  • Assign a macro to a shortcut key or Quick Access toolbar button.

  • Modify a macro.

  • Enhance a macro with VBA.

  • Create an InputBox.

  • Copy macros to other documents or templates.

  • Save documents that contain macros.

  • Delete macros you no longer need.

Class Length

90 minutes

Delivery Options

  • Virtual classroom - dedicated (up to ten people from the same organization)
    ($480 per class; contact us for more details)

  • Virtual classroom - one on one
    (Register for a 45-minute 1-on-1 Application Support session. Cost is $70 per student per session.)

  • On-site instructor-led
    (Contact us for details)




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