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Solutions for Software Instructors

The quality of the courseware used in a software training session directly impacts the overall quality and usefulness of the course. The best materials are those that successfully support classroom instruction, but serve as an effective reference guide for students after class as well.

If you're a software trainer, you've probably spent a good deal of time either creating your own course materials or searching for courseware you can purchase to meet your needs. Elert & Associates can help. We offer a large catalog of classes on Microsoft Office and other applications, and our courseware is available for purchase even if you choose to deliver the training yourself.

Our topic-specific 90 Minute Workouts® are designed to be taught in short, modular sessions that let students choose their own learning path, but individual workouts can be successfully bundled into a half-day or full-day class that covers more features of an application as well.

With each course title you purchase, you'll receive...

  • Course materials (to be distributed to each student in the class)

  • A performance-based exercise worksheet (to help students reinforce what they've learned)

  • Practice files for use in the class

  • Instructor notes to help you prepare for and teach the class

See our courseware page for more details and a sample of our materials.

Need new courseware written for a custom or proprietary application you plan to teach? We can help with courseware development as well. Contact us to get started.




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